Friday, December 23, 2011


from The Disciplines of Existence, Part Two:  The Sciences of the Soul, Chapter Two:  Sociology

I know that there are secrets that are better left unfound;
I know that there are noises that I've heard without a sound.
How can I be so giving?  How can others be so cold?
Can I keep my sanity when I feel what's still untold?
I find it hard to kide my feelings, hard to hide my hand;
I find it hard to play games that others can't understand.
I can hear your voice before the tension vibrates the air;
I can sense the feelings before you even know they're there.
I can't remember anyone I've met and haven't known--
Connecting with senses and thoughts, as if they were my own.
Few have had the opportunity to see my soul bared;
I have been cautious, withdrawn and detached before I've shared.
Occasionally, some perceive what's behind my smokscreen;
There's so much more that can never be known, that can never
Be seen.

CWR October 1989

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